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How can get what we want? Simple help enough other people get what they want! NyOnlineRealty.com understands your needs to get your Assets vacant, priced right and sold fast. Understanding that you have deadlines, monthly goals, and people to answer too, NyOnlineRealty.com provides Professional REO Services from A to Z throughout New York.

Each of us needs the assistance and cooperation of the others to reach our Goals. The NyOnlineRealty.com REO Team is that assistance you need. With your cooperation and our REO expertise, we will both achieve our common goal, to expediently and effectively transform your REO’s into working capital. It means getting your assets SOLD and SOLD FAST!!!

Communication is the key and the basis for our success. The SALE of your Bank’s REO’s will be our #1 Goal. Listen making you look good by selling your entire REO inventory, makes us look good. If you’re interested in turning your REO’s into working capital, then contact us now.

NyOnlineRealty.com features a centralized approach to specialize in a wide range of servicing solutions to meet the REO needs. We manage your assets from your perspective to ensure you a fast, cost efficient system. NyOnlineRealty.com stands ready to simplify the process. Let us show you why we are the… New York Advantage!

At NyOnlineRealty.com our professional staff provides consistent service with attention to detail at every step. Our team is comprised of experienced Foreclosure & Real Estate professionals, each of whom concentrates in specific areas of real estate. Our standards of excellence and customer service are the foundation of our organization. Communication is one of our greatest assets! Our decades of experience enable us to deliver the very best service and guidance to our valued clients under any circumstances and at any stage, from valuations to fast sales.

NyOnlineRealty.com REO experts have designed a program to achieve the fastest sales and to expedite contracts to a closing process. This will ensure you the maximum value of your REO assets and minimize the loss.

Our qualified staff will secure, inspect, and evaluate all REO properties within 24 hours. Our staff will conduct an analysis of occupant status and offer “cash for keys,” or coordinate evictions. Property preservation and maintenance will include initial and weekly inspections, re-key, winterization, clean outs, routine cleaning, landscaping, cosmetic and general renovations. We will perform a cost to benefit analysis for any repairs or rehabbing.

Our Services include BPO’s, Appraisals, Deed in Lieu, Cash for Deeds, Foreclosure Filings, Evictions, Closings, and Cash for Keys, Property Preservation and Marketing & Sale of REO Assets. Whatever need you may have, we are your one stop shop!

REO Sales and Servicing for over a decade. Let us turn your REO portfolio into working capital! Try us and you’ll love us, I guarantee it!
Have A Great Day!
Mark RA Arenella
“Mr Destiny”


“Because NYOR feels that communication is key, and that we communicate with the bank every step of the way. NYOR keeps the banks informed on everything that goes on with each asset!”

Lynne Galaway
Lead REO Coordinator

“Because NYOR is the one stop shop which makes it easy for the bank knowing that their asset is being taken care of each step of the way until it is sold.”

Bobby Mahatari  
REO Specialist

Because NYOR Does WHATEVER IT TAKES to get the job done!”

Elizabeth Dupuy
Field Agent

“Because NYOR prides itself on professional fast and courteous service to get your asset sold for the most money within the least amount of time. Give us a try and experience the difference!”

Antoinette Sarno
REO Coordinator

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We provide Residential and Commercial construction, which include repair estimates in 48 hours, and getting clients properties For Sale

  • General Contracting
  • Repairing and Rehab
  • Total Renovations


Property management is the operation of commercial or residential property.

  • You save time and energy.
  • You will not need to deal with rent collection and the cumbersome maintenance of property.


Accept full responsibility for the management and completion of agreed upon and approved repairs. 

  • Contract Notice and Sign Posting
  • Utility Transfers and Monthly Account of Utilities As Directed
  • Property Monitoring and Reporting
  • Repair Services


NyOnlineRealty.com has a large listing of  apartments. Our rental department handles all of Nassau and Suffolk Counties

  • We can  rent or sell your space. 
  • Turn apartment hunting into apartment finding with the best apartment search for rental apartments, relocation, apartment locating service and rental units.


NyOnlineRealty.com also has a large listing of commercial office space, store fronts, industrial property, warehouses, strip malls, buildings and land.

We can also  rent or sell your commercial space. 


Removal of a tenant from rental property by the landlord. A lawsuit is filed by a landlord to remove persons and belongings from the landlord’s property (from our in-house attorneys.)

 Legal Grounds for Eviction:

  • Non-payment of rent
  • Tenant violations
  • Lease has expired


Broker price opinions (BPO’s) and Certified market analyses (CMA’s) are offered on all Single Family, Multi-Family and   Commercial properties. NYOnlineRealty.com, services all of Nassau, Suffolk, Queens and Brooklyn.

  • Drive-By Broker Price Opinion
  • Interior Broker Price Opinion
  • Standard Reports
  • Condition of Property at time of Analysis
  • Comparable Sales and Listings Including Days On The Market  and Proximity to property.
  • Pictures Upon Request
  • Forecast of Property Values in The Area
  • Explanation of Any Environmental, Structural, Mechanical, or cosmetic Problems that May Affect the Value of the Property.


Drive-By Appraisal, Interior Appraisal and Field Reviews are   offered for Residential and Commercial properties. All Appraisals are reviewed to provide you with the best quality.

  • Full Appraisals
  • Scope Drive-By Appraisals
  • Field Reviews


Information about a properties condition prior to a takeover, can enable Investors to take necessary actions to protect and preserve their Real Estate Investments.

  • Drive-By inspection
  • Occupant Interviews
  • Work with professional inspectors



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