Asset Management

  • Accompany the Sheriff on Evictions.
  • Secure & Re-Key the property.
  • Have property winterized.
  • Ready the property for marketing including making repairs and improvements.
  • Pay the bills on all of the above and wait up to 90 days for reimbursements.
  • Pre/Post Foreclosure Processing.
  • Determining Occupancy Status to make a recommendation for either an Unlawful Detainer action to be commenced or continuation of tenancy relationship.
  • Determining if a Cash for Keys or similar voluntary vacancy arrangement can be structured.
  • Monitoring on-going evictions and occupancy status on a weekly basis.
  • Loss Mitigation.
  • Initiating property preservations, remediation, maintenance services and storage.
  • Turning on utilities in our name, gardening and pool maintenance.
  • Determining if properties are located in homeowner’s associations & obtaining status of dues & assessments.
  • Obtaining updated title reports.
  • Providing an internet based management reporting system to allow Investors/Receivers to instantly view real-time information & photos of their assets.
  • Providing constant communication with Investors/Receivers regarding property and occupancy status.
  • Determining the risk-cost benefit for filling vacancies with qualified new tenants and maintaining property management services.
  • Handle vandalism, theft, squatters, animals and arson.



  • Conducting Property Valuations including Broker Price Options (BPO), appraisals and contractor bids for possible capital improvements.
  • Maintaining a nationwide network of qualified real estate agents, contractors, attorneys, escrow and title agencies.
  • Providing detailed monthly reporting during the marketing stage.
  • Providing offer summaries and negotiations for consideration of acceptance.
  • Initiating escrow and title services for a timely property settlement.
  • Preparing client-specific marketing strategies for list price determination and adjustments.
  • Providing closing coordination, follow-up on all sales proceeds, collection of outstanding bills.
  • Marketing Prep-Work-photos, MLS data sheets, info box flyers, write ads, etc.
  • List the property.
  • Schedule showings.
  • Educate Co-op agents.
  • Submit offers.
  • Coordinate all details of the closing and keep all parties up to date.




  • Providing corporate clients and their employees with comprehensive relocation solutions to organize and simplify company and employee moves.

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