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           In today’s fast-moving world it’s no longer enough to be on the cutting edge of change. The world is changing so fast, that to be truly successful you must stay ahead of change. We have just opened our new state-of-the-art facility and are in the process of improving our marketing plan to better service your company’s needs. We continuously work on the sale of Bank Owned Properties (REO’s) and do so successfully. We are the Foreclosure Management Specialist.


Each of us need the assistance and cooperation of others to reach our goals. is that assistance. With your cooperation and our precise expertise in Foreclosure Marketing, we will both achieve our common goal to expediently and effectively transform your REO’s into working capital. In this ever changing market you need a professional who concentrates only on the marketing of REO’s. is committed to the highest standards of professionalism and customer service. Our track record is impeccable and our service is outstanding. Our efforts on your behalf, will be to obtain the maximum market value in the least possible time. What does this mean to you? It means getting your properties SOLD and SOLD FAST!!!


Communication with you and your company will be on a consistent basis. The SALE of your Bank’s REO’s will be my prime responsibility supported by the team. If your interested in turning your REO portfolio into working CAPITAL, Try us, You’ll Like us! My telephone number is (516) 798-3000.





Mark R.A. Arenella

“Mr. Destiny”

Lic. Broker / Owner


P.S. “The Future Belongs to those who Persistently Stretch out to see in it.”                                   




SOLUTION that Provides Professional R.E.O. Services from A to Z.


We are a full service real estate agency that is solely dedicated to serving banks and lenders throughout the World in the managing, marketing, and liquidating of their REO Properties. Our years of Experience enable us to deliver the very best service and guidance to our valued clients under any circumstances and at any stage, from delinquent note valuations to fast sales and liquidation.

We are strategically located in the heart of our service area, allowing us to keep a very close eye on each and every one of our clients’ assets at all times.  is New York’s Complete R.E.O. Solution because of our seamless synchronization of all aspects of default asset management.



To ensure the highest return, we inspect and evaluate all properties in a timely manner. Every valuation performed is reviewed to ensure that the individual client’s requirements and standards have been met. Appraisals, BPO’s and CMA’s can be customized to accommodate any clients needs. Reports can be provided on our form, or on any valuations and photos can be faxed, e-mailed, uploaded to your web site and priority mailed to you within your time frame. We understand your need for obtaining values or foreclosure sales, short sales and secondary bidding in 24 hour period. We are here to provide you with the best possible service we can.



New York Online’s REO experts have designed a program to achieve the fastest sales and expedite contracts to a closing process. This will ensure you to maximize the value of REO assets and minimize loss.


Our staff of Real Estate Brokers are qualified and experienced in REO sales and services. They will secure, inspect, and evaluate all REO properties within 24 hours. Our staff will conduct an analysis of occupants status and offer “cash for keys,” or coordinate evictions with attorneys. Occupied properties will be managed including tenant selection, leases, rent collection, maintenance and repairs. Property preservation and maintenance will include initial and weekly inspections, re-key, winterization, clean outs, routine cleaning, landscaping, cosmetic and general renovations. We will perform a cost to benefit analysis for any repairs or rehabbing.


Step 1: Property Evaluation and Setup


· Inspect and secure property

· Evaluate property condition

· Initiate independent market analysis

· Obtain bids for repair and maintenance.

Step 2: Marketing


· Establish marketing strategy with financial projections

· Select listing broker

· Review strategy and pricing every 30 days.


Step 3: Reporting


· Provide you with monthly reports on both a summary and individual property basis regarding inventory flow, unsold inventory, properties under contract, sales and property expenses.

· Provide year-end summary reports

· Retain records for five years


Step 4: Property Management


· Supervise repairs and maintenance

· Monthly inspection reports

· Select property manager when applicable

· Address environmental and compliance issues.

· Payment of property utilities (optional).


Step 5: Negotiation and Closing

· Counter, reject or accept offers within approved limits.

· Provide detailed net sheet with all offers.

· Coordinate closing process

· Remit sales proceeds

· Ensure that utilities  and all transfers have occurred.

· Submit detailed closed file.